Friday, March 19, 2010

The Rights of Americans

Just to remind you of the rights we as American citizens actually have!

1. The right to worship God in one's own way.

2. The right to free speech and press.

3. The right to petition for grievances-in fair and honest judgement.

4. The right to privacy in our homes.

5. The right to own private property.

6. The right to own, keep, and bear arms.

7. The right to move about freely at home or abroad.

8. The right to habeas corpus-without excessive bail.

9. The right to trial by jury-innocent until proven guilty.

10. The right to free elections and personal secret ballots.

11. The right to the service of government as a protector and referee.

12. The right to freedom from arbitrary government regulation and control.

13. The right to work in callings and localities of our choice.

14. The right to bargain for goods and services in a free market.

15. The right to contract about our affairs.

16. The right to go into business, compete, and make a profit.

Wake up America! Your freedoms are about to be stolen right out from under you! Health Care Reform is NOT about reforming health care, it is about controlling every aspect of your life! If you do not do something to stop this, your children and grandchildren will never have the opportunities that you have right now and these rights will be a thing of the past.


source: A Beka Book, Pensacola, FL

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