Monday, October 15, 2007

Beads On A Mission

In just a few weeks several people from White Stone Church will be traveling to the island Haiti to join with Poor Children’s Assistance Project (PCAP) to minister to the thousands of orphaned children in that country. This year our church will be sending their third team of their members to help in completing construction on an orphanage and school in the rural mountain area of Kamtin. I want to help with this ministry, so I will give all of the money from your “Beads On A Mission” purchase to the Poor Children’s Assistance Project. You can find out more about White Stone Church at their website

What Does PCAP DO?

PCAP was started over thirty years ago by pastor, Nicolas Louis Juste, and he operates this ministry in a country full of unimaginable poverty and disease, helping orphans and elderly people. PCAP provides the basics for life: food, shelter, clothing and medical care, as well as clean drinking water for the community.

Pastor Nicolas and PCAP have started:

Twenty-seven churches, serving over 6000 people,
Twenty-three schools, educating over 5000 children
Five orphanages housing over 300 children

A Fitting Purpose

Last summer my friend Jessica went on a mission trip to Uganda, there she purchased several necklaces for me from the local women. These necklaces were handmade by Ugandan women in the sowetto village in Kampala, Uganda. The women make these colorful Kakwanzi beads (Kakwanzi means precious beads) from paper cut into strips, which is rolled into tight beads and glued. They are finished with a sealant and are hung in the sun to dry! Then the beads are strung together with tiny seed beads to make lovely necklaces and bracelets! I thought it would be fitting to take the proceeds from these Kakwanzi necklaces, made by wonderful Christian women, to help poor and starving orphaned children in Haiti!

You will find these necklaces and many more listed in my Etsy store, just click on my link on the right side of this blog! Once you've made it to the shop, you can click on the "Beads On A Mission" section on the top right of my shop!

Thank you for looking!

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