Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Circles
A Wire Wrapped Rhodonite Ring

The latest trend in jewelry is one very bold ring on your index or middle finger, and this ring definitely fits that description! It's big and bold with very unique and elegant details!

The focal stone is an absolutely gorgeous rhodonite cabochon oval that has many beautiful shades of pink, and just a few dots of black for contrast. The stone is surrounded by four wire wrapped swirls made of sterling silver and in between the swirls you will find plenty of 2mm faceted sterling silver beads for sparkle! With all these unique details, the top of the ring a bold 23mm by 18mm!

The shank of the ring is made with 18-gauge sterling silver wire that starts at the top of the stone and corkscrews down to the bottom of the stone. These three bands heavy gauge wire will really stand up to wear!

The In Circles ring is a size 9-1/2 (US) and will be sent to you enclosed in a beautiful silk bag with a zipper closure, which is suitable for gift presentation and storage!

Thank you for looking!

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