Thursday, January 29, 2009

Copper Half Bangle Bracelets

My Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine arrived in the mail two days ago, much to my surprise and delight! My husband handed it to me and said, "You have some new play pretties!" I began to wonder why they had sent me another magazine, since I decided to not to renew my subscription before Thanksgiving. Trust me, I love this magazine because it gives me so many ideas and valuable information, it was not an easy choice! But there were too many other things that needed to come first! I said to my darling husband, "Wonder why they sent me another magazine, I didn't renew my subscription." He responded with, "Merry Christmas!" I just started to cry, then gave him a big hug and kiss! What a wonderful surprise, so totally unexpected and so very appreciated! His response to my tears was quite humorous, "Next time I'll just get you another magazine instead of jewelry!" LOL! My response.....honey, go right ahead, I'll make the jewelry you just get me the magazines to feed my imagination!

The inspiration for these two half bangle bracelets are from Sharilyn Miller's article in the current issue of Step by Step. Both are made with natural copper wire and have sterling silver accents. The bracelet in the top picture has some awesome turquoise beads, which pair so well with copper wire! The other bracelet has 8mm round agate beads in a beautiful deep green. The thing I love about both bracelets is you can shorten or lengthen them to fit any size wrist by adding or removing the handmade copper links!

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