Monday, February 2, 2009

Let It Snow!!!

Wow! What a beautiful snowy day we had today! Early this morning it was raining, then as the temperature dropped (about 9:00 a.m.) it started snowing big, soft, fluffy white flakes. They fell until about mid afternoon, covering all the tree branches and grass in heavy wet snow!
David's snowman

It was a great chance for all of us to get out and make some snowmen, throw huge snowballs, sled down the hill, and shovel off the driveway. These are some things we haven't been able to do at home for a few years! We even enjoyed a walk in the woods in the falling snow, followed by hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm up when we got inside!

Jonathan's snowman

Hope you are staying warm where you are today! Happy Groundhog's Day!


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Dave Robertson said...

Nice day for a walk in the woods :)


Elegantly yours.....