Monday, February 16, 2009

Day and Night Necklace

What is hope... by Vineet Bansal

What hope means...
Hope is bright shining light, which keeps darkness at the bay
Hope is gentle cool breeze on a hot summer day
Hope is to remain positive when going gets tough
Hope is seeking more when others think you had enough
What hope means...
Hope is dreaming of tomorrow
Hope is simmering under sorrow
Hope is sparkles when tears are in our eyes
Hope is a beautiful thing and beautiful things never die
What hope means...
Hope is as light as a feather
Hope keeps all of us together
Hope is ubiquitous and free of cost
Hope is the last thing ever lost.....

The focal point of the Day and Night necklace is a gorgeous 40mm black and ivory white dichroic donut that has touches of copper and gold. It is wrapped in a finely crafted 18-gauge copper wire frame that is wound with several feet of a very fine copper wire. The pendants dimensions are 45mm across; and including the bale it is 54mm in length. It is suspended from a beautiful 18-inch long copper chain. Cost - $45.00

You may purchase this necklace by clicking on the add to cart button below which will take you to Paypal. Please note that you do not need to open a Paypal account to use their services. Upon the receipt of your payment, the Day and Night Necklace will be sent to you enclosed in an elegant silk bag with a zipper closure, suitable for gift giving and storage. All of my jewelry is sent first class via the USPS with insurance to all customers living within the United States.

A special thanks to Donna Spadafore from Gailavira Jewelry for her wonderful tutorial that was the inspiration for this necklace.

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