Friday, April 17, 2009

Recipe For Jewelry Cleaner

Mix together these simple everyday household items:

2 tablespoons liquid hand soap
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon ammonia

Add a drop of food coloring to make it look pretty, and store in a clean glass jar.

How To Use:

Briefly soak jewelry in the cleaner, rinse with water, and pat dry with soft cloth.
This can be used on gold, silver, and costume jewelry.

Do Not Use on opal, other porous stones or pearls!!!!!

This jewelry cleaner recipe came from Debbie Sosa of BeadBewitched on Etsy and ArtFire! She says that she made this cleaner over a year ago and it is still working! Thank you for sharing this idea with us Debbie!


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I've used a version of the cleaner too....Love it and it works great!
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Gayle said...

Hi Debra.

I've tagged you as one of my favorite blogs. If you would like to play, just go to my blog and answer the same questions and link to your 8 favorite blogs on your site. It's been a fun way to learn about some of the people you follow or who follow you.

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Hey Debra! I just LOVE your dogwood. I planted one in my front yard 5 years ago and it hasn't bloomed yet!! I am going to take a print of your pic and show it to my nonbloomer and tell it this is what I want it to do. Love your blog, it looks lovely. xoxo

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Thank you Nora, I don't know if shaming your under-achiveing dogwood with the picture will work! Perhaps you should say kind things like "you can look like this too if you just try a little harder!" If that doesn't work, tell it that it's country cousin, who lives in the woods on top of a very rocky hill and has never been fussed over looks better that you! LOL!

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