Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Hammered Time!

Get out you hammer and bench block and take out your frustrations on some copper washers and wire! This modern bracelet is my take on an awesome project presented by Sharilyn Miller just a few weeks ago on her Wire Jewelry Lessons blog!

While reading the instructions, I remembered seeing a box of copper washers in the garage, left over’s from an auto repair job that my husband had done some time ago. He was more than happy to give them to me, saying that he no longer needed them and couldn't wait to see what I would use them for!

Hammering those washers into shape was very noisy and fun, not to mention the stress that was relieved that night! Unfortunately the project came to a halt because I was missing a tool needed to make the extra large figure eight links, bale making pliers! In the mean time, the kids had fun playing with my hammered treasures, they stacked, sorting, counted and tossed them for a few days!

On a trip to one of my favorite bead stores, I discovered the pliers needed to complete the bracelet and purchased them (Yea!) Upon returning home, I got busy making those all-important links to complete the project and because I didn't review Sharilyn's instructions, my bracelet is slightly different than her design.

In her tutorial, Sharilyn used two figure eight links to connect each pair of washers and a different handmade clasp; I used a single link and textured them and the clasp to match the washers. Also, instead of using liver of sulfur to age the copper, I used my torch to heat the metal producing a different patina!

While working on this project I thought of some other things you could do with the copper washers, here a few:

  1. There are loads of metal stamp designs available, so texture your copper with your favorite designs!
  2. Use letter stamps to put words, names or phrases on the washers.
  3. Make a necklace to match your bracelet!
  4. While you’re at it, make some earrings with smaller washers!

Altogether, I am very pleased with the way my bracelet turned out and will make more of these textured washer bracelets and much more! Many thanks to Sharilyn Miller for sharing this tutorial and sparking some new ideas!


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