Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How To Save and Store Seeds

I love my garden, and am always looking for new and unusual annuals and perennial plants to add to my collection and I know there are many of you who share this passion! With the popularity of gardening increasing over the last several years, we have all noticed the cost of seeds and plants from our local gardening center going up. In an effort to help us all save a little money, I would like to share the following tips for saving seeds sent to me by my sister-in-law Robin!

First, collect seeds from your favorite herbs, vegetables and flowers in your garden and dry them at room temperature on racks or on large sheets of paper for about a week to ensure they hold no moisture.

After drying is complete, separate the seeds from their seedpods or flower heads by shaking them into large paper bags. Sift out the seeds from any dried plant bits and pour them into recycled paper envelopes or print your own template from TipNut to create your own seed packets. Be sure to mark on the seed packets the type of plant and the date seeds were harvested.

Then take a Kleenex tissue and pour about 1 tablespoon of powdered dry milk in the center, fold the tissue up so you have a little packet, place this in the bottom of a large clean glass jar. The powdered milk will act as a desiccant inside the jar and help to absorb moisture so the seeds have a dry environment.

Fill the jar with your seed packets and seal the jar shut. Keep the jar in a cool dark place to keep the seeds dormant; the back of the refrigerator is an ideal location.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this information and that it has given you inspiration to try preserving the seeds from your favorite plants! Next growing season, you will be sure to have lots of seeds to plant and share with friends and family! Many thanks to Robin for sharing this information and link for the seed packet template too!


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Thank you so much for this interesting post! I never knew dried milk would help with the moisture but it makes perfect sense. Your posies are mighty purty too! That green thumb serves you well. Many blessings sent your way, Nora

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