Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Octopus

Agate and Copper Ring

A unique wire wrapped copper ring that will wrap itself around your finger like the tentacles of an octopus!

This gorgeous ring has a sturdy three wire base, that is ring is wrapped with yards of very fine copper wire and is strong enough to stand up to everyday wear! The natural copper wire will only change color slightly with wear because of a protective coating on the wire! You can clean your copper jewelry by mixing lemon juice and salt together to make a paste and rub gently to remove tarnish.

The focal point of the ring is a 12mm agate disk has subtle shades of rust, and mauve that combine perfectly with the copper wire! It is held in place by the two copper tentacles that curl around the side of the agate disk!

The Octopus ring is a size 8 (US) and will be sent to you enclosed in a beautiful silk pouch with zipper closure that is perfect for gift presentation and storage! Please see my shop policies for shipping information and thank you for looking!

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Here are some very interesting octopus facts:

They have three hearts, two that pump blood through the gills and one pumps blood through the body

Each tentacle has 240 suction cups to hold its prey (that’s a total of 1920 suction cups!)

If they loose a tentacle, they can regenerate a new one

They are completely deaf and communicate by changing colors

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